My Giving Hands Massage Therapy

THE 12 STEPS of Massage Therapy Anonymous

    * Step 1 - We admitted we were powerless over our deep desire to have massages on a regular basis.

   * Step 2 - Came to believe that a massage therapist could help us restore our bodies to a state of reduced or eliminated pain or discomfort.

   * Step 3 -Made a decision to turn our money over to a professional massage therapist who could do for us what we could not do for ourselves.

   * Step 4 -Made a searching and fearless inventory of our physical and emotional selves.

   * Step 5 -Admitted to God, to a massage therapist, and ourselves the exact nature of our needs for massage therapy.

   * Step 6 -Were entirely ready to work with a massage therapist to remove all obstacles in

the way of physical/emotional holding in our body/ourselves.

   * Step 7 -Humbly asked to have these problems/issues removed.

   * Step 8 -Made a list of all the good things we will do to support our commitment to good physical health and be willing to forgive ourselves for any harm we have caused ourself.

   * Step 9 -Made direct amends to ourselves by allowing ourselves the gift of massage.

   * Step 10 -Continued to assess our physical/emotional needs and be willing to do what is necessary to take care ourselves.

   * Step 11 -Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our consciousness about our physical health and pray for strength to carry that out.

   * Step 12 -Having had an awakening to the need and importance of massage therapy, we try to tell others our experience and recommend to others they also investigate what massage therapy can do for them.